Encyclopaedia of DesignTheory: Topics

In this section, you can find extended essays on some topics in design theory. These are available as printable PDF files; a few are also converted to HTML. (Most are yet to be written.)
  • Abelian groups (PDF)
  • Association schemes (HTML, PDF)
  • Association schemes and permutation groups (PDF)
  • Block designs (PDF)
  • Block designs: Representations, automorphisms, duality (HTML, PDF)
  • Cayley graphs and coset diagrams (PDF)
  • Chamber systems and buildings (PDF)
  • Combinatorial and statistical design (PDF)
  • Estimation and variance in block designs (PDF)
  • Factorial designs and codes
  • Galois fields (PDF)
  • Groups (HTML, PDF)
  • Hadamard matrices (PDF)
  • Latin squares: Equivalence and equivalents (PDF)
  • Latin squares in experimental design (HTML, PDF)
  • Linear codes
  • Markov chains and random walks (HTML, PDF)
  • Matroids (PDF)
  • Pairwise balanced designs (PDF)
  • Partially ordered sets (PDF)
  • Permutation groups (PDF)
  • Primitive permutation groups (PDF)
  • Projective and affine planes (PDF)
  • Projective and affine geometries
  • Real symmetric matrices (PDF)
  • Resolutions of the pair design, or 1-factorisations of complete graphs (PDF)
  • Square 2-designs (PDF)
  • Systems of distinct representatives (HTML, PDF)

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Peter J. Cameron
19 September 2006