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Biographies EXTERNAL

In the MacTutor History of Mathematics website, there are a number of biographies of design theorists, and others whose results have contributed to the subject. Here is a small selection.

Web resources EXTERNAL

  1. Design of experiments in Biometrika, an annotated list of papers in the journal in its first 100 years, by A. C. Atkinson and R. A. Bailey. (This accompanies an article in the journal by the same authors.)
  2. History of Statistics by Peter M. Lee at the University of York (containing source material, portraits, biographies, and links).
  3. The R. A. Fisher window in Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (designed by Maria McClafferty, based on a Latin square used by Fisher; photograph by A. W. F. Edwards).
  4. Collected papers of R. A. Fisher at the University of Adelaide.
  5. A Guide to R. A. Fisher, maintained by John Aldrich at the University of Southampton
  6. Karl Pearson: A Reader's Guide, maintained by John Aldrich at the University of Southampton


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  4. C. Reid, Neyman - from life, Springer, New York, 1982.


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