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Research seminars

The following notes and/or slides are from a few of my talks given in a variety of places during the last 20 or so years.

Recent Publications and Preprints

My publication list according to MathSciNet.

For preprints and other information see separate publications page.

My recent work in groups applied to physics is described in the following places:


Grant reports


The finite simple groups
Springer, 2009.
Webpage with corrections and additional material.
The various old versions are no longer available.
Atlas of finite groups
by JHConway, RTCurtis, SPNorton, RAParker and RAWilson
Oxford University Press, 1985. Reprint with corrections, 2004
Graphs, colourings and the four-colour theorem
Oxford University Press, 2002.
Published on the 150th anniversary of the first recorded statement of the four-colour problem.
Webpage (not yet available).
Linear algebra
by Richard Kaye and Robert Wilson
Oxford University Press, 1998.
Webpage with corrections.
The Atlas of Finite Groups: Ten Years On
edited by Robert Curtis and Robert Wilson
Cambridge University Press, 1998.
LMS Lecture Notes.
An Atlas of Brauer Characters
by CJansen, KLux, RParker and RWilson
Oxford University Press, 1995. Out of print.
Webpage (not yet available). One day the contents of the book may be available here.

Ancient wisdom

Socrates on innovation in teaching (Xenophon, Memoirs of Socrates, 4.4):
"Of course," Hippias said, "I always try to say something new."
"Even about facts that you know? I mean, if somebody asks you how many letters there are in 'Socrates', and what they are, do you try to say something different now from what you said before? Or if somebody asked about numbers, whether twice five is ten, don't you give the same answer now as before?"

An archive of past teaching is kept here. However, not all links are guaranteed to work (e.g. to model solutions, or to College information pages).

Lecture notes

Postgraduate Students

Current and recently graduated students:

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