The finite simple groups

Robert A. Wilson

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This book was published on 23rd December 2009, as vol. 251 in the Springer `Graduate texts in mathematics' series. Details here.


`The book under review has as its main goal to give an introductory overview of the construction and main properties of all finite simple groups. ... This book is the first one that attempts to give a systematic treatment of all finite simple groups, using the more recent and efficient constructions. ... The author succeeds in making this important but difficult area of mathematics readily accessible to a large sector of the mathematical community, and for this we should be grateful.' (Felipe Zaldivar, The Mathematical Association of America, March, 2010)
- The full review is here

`This book is a unique introductory overview of all the finite simple groups, and thus it is suitable not only for specialists who are interested in finite simple groups but also for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in algebra.'
- from the review by Hiromichi Yamada in Zentralblatt für Mathematik.

`In summary, the book brings much information to the classroom. It contains exactly those things one would like to know if one were to meet the individual simple groups for the first time. ... The way the book is written makes things accessible also to those who are not great experts in group theory. Anyone interested in finite groups, in particular in finite simple groups, should have this book on his or her bookshelf.'
- from the review by Gernot Stroth in Mathematical Reviews.

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