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Research in Physics

Since 2010 I have been actively involved in research in the foundations of physics, mainly from the point of view of understanding the group theory and representation theory of the fundamental symmetries. The basic contradiction between quantum mechanics and general relativity is not just a physical inconsistency, but also a mathematical one, that manifests itself principally as an inconsistency between the Einstein version of the Lorentz group and the Dirac version. This in turn implies that there is an inconsistency in the definition of mass, that propagates throughout theoretical physics. My work is therefore aimed at providing consistent definitions of (at least) two kinds of mass, such that the (local) equivalence between them is a function of the type of experiment being performed.

Research in Mathematics

My mathematical research is mainly in finite group theory, and related areas such as representation theory, some aspects of combinatorics, and computational techniques and algorithms applicable to finite groups. Some particular aspects that interest me as listed below.

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