Vito Latora

Merman Vito School of Mathematical Sciences
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK
Office: MB311
Phone : +44 020 7882 5199
I am Professor of Applied Mathematics, Chair of Complex Systems, and Head of the Complex Systems and Networks Research Group in the School of Mathematical Sciences of QMUL. I am editor of the Journal of Complex Networks, Professor of Physics at the University of Catania and External Faculty of the Complexity Hub Vienna. I study the structure and the dynamics of complex systems, using my background as theoretical physicist and some of the methods proper to statistical physics and non-linear dynamics, to look into biological problems, to model social systems, and to find new solutions for the design of man-made networks. I have coauthored more than 200 scientific publications, including papers in PRL, Nature Communications, PNAS, Nature Human Behaviour, Science and Physics Reports. See the complete list of my publications here or from Google Scholar. My recent grants include: EU LASAGNE (2012-15), EPSRC GALE (2013-16), EPSRC LoBaNet (2016-2019), and a Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust (2019-20).
News: In July 2021 I have been named and elected Fellow of the Network Science Society .
Our book Complex Networks: Principles, Methods and Applications. Please find here the accompanying website including data sets, C programs and more.
- Evolutionary game model of group choice dilemmas on hypergraphs, PRL December 2021
- Lack of practical identifiability in epidemic models, Science Advances 2022
- The shape of memory in temporal networks, Nature Communications 2022

Selected publications from the last 10 years:
Quantifying and predicting success in show business Nat Comm 2019 (Nature, Guardian, Times, Altimetrics)
Simplicial models of social contagion Nature Comm 2019
Dynamically induced cascading failures in power grids, Nature Comm 2018
Distributed control of synchronization of a group of network nodes, IEEE-TAC 2018
Network dynamics of innovation processes, PRL 2018 (Science Daily)
Mobility and congestion in multilayer networks, PRL 2018
Pareto optimality in multilayer growth, PRL 2018
Collective phenomena in multiplex networks, PRL 2017
Hunter-gatherer networks and cumulative culture, Nature Hum Beh 2017 (VIDEO) (Cover page)
Anatomy of funded research in science, PNAS 2015 (Press1, press2, press3)
Structural reducibility of multilayer networks, Nature Comm 2015
Growing multiplex networks, PRL 2013
Phase transition in the economically modeled growth of a cellular nervous system, PNAS 2013
Remote synchronization reveals network symmetries and functional modules PRL 2013
Elementary processes governing the evolution of road networks, Scientific Reports 2012 (Press1, press2)
Understanding mobility in a social petri dish, Scientific Reports 2012
Controlling centrality in complex networks, Scientific Reports 2012 (Nature open access)
Emerging Meso- and Macroscales from Synchronization of Adaptive Networks, PRL 2011
Functional modularity of spontaneous activities in epileptic brain nets, PRL 2010 (COVER PAGE)
Networks of motifs from sequences of symbols, PRL 2010 ( (