Vito Latora


LEVERHULME Research Fellowships CREATE: the network components of creativity and success (Sep 2019-Dec 2020)

    Creativity and innovation are the driving forces of human progress. The combination of network science and big data can be the key to unveil the mechanisms underlying creativity and to understand what makes a new idea, a team, a product or a technology successful. I have been awarded this research fellowship by the Leverhulme Trust to investigate, through network analysis, both the neural processes and the social interactions behind a creative process. Data-driven network-based frameworks to forecast success in different contexts, ranging from science to arts, business and commerce, will then be developed.

EPSRC Project LoBaNet, Nash equilibria for load balancing in networked power systems (Apr 2016-Mar 2019)

    I have been Co-I of this project whose PI was Christian Beck. The project aimed at exploring the dynamic, multiplayer, economic and operational "games" arising when energy storage and demand-side management technologies are applied to power system balancing.

EPSRC Project GALE, Global Accessibility to Local Experience (Sept 2013-Mar 2016)

    I have been one of the three PIs of this project aiming at pioneering third generation recommender systems for city users. The idea was to make it possible for the rapidly growing population of "global" city users to access, in real time, a level of information, that of the neighborhoods knowledge, which is inherently inaccessible to global repositories. This was a multidisciplinary consortium of 3 partners: Queen Mary University of London, Computer Lab, University of Cambridge and Strathclyde University, Department of Architecture.

EU Project LASAGNE, multi-LAyer SpAtiotemporal Generalized NEtworks (Nov 2012-Nov 2015)