DocCourse, Prague, Jan-Apr 2004

DocCourse   Charles University

This page contains information about my lectures at the doctoral course on Combinatorics, Geometry, and Computation at the Charles University, Prague, January - March 2004.

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Permutation groups, structures, and polynomials


The course will begin by discussing the basic concepts of permutation groups, both finite and infinite. Many examples of infinite permutation groups are obtained from homogeneous or omega-categorical structures, and the course will describe some of these. Finite permutation groups occur in enumeration theory; the cycle index of a permutation group has some connections with the Tutte polynomial of a matroid. The theory of species relates these two areas, studying an infinite structure by its finite subsets.


Course plan


Much of the course material can be found in the following sources: Background on matroids and species is not specifically required (all that is needed will be covered in the lectures) but can be found in

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2 March 2004