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Permutation groups resources

This page includes pointers to Web-based resources for permutation groups and related topics in group theory, combinatorics, etc.

We need your help. Please email me (p.j.cameron(at)qmul.ac.uk) to suggest inclusions in our list. Or email comments about the content, format, etc. The links in the tables below should open new browser windows.

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At Queen Mary:
Permutation groups notes and preprints
Permutation group problems, Problems from "Permutations"
"Permutation Groups" book homepage
Peter Cameron's homepage
Combinatorics Study Group
Design Research Group, Design resources, Lecture notes
Mathematics Research Centre
Queen Mary Maths Notes
ATLAS of Finite Group Representations, by R. A. Wilson et al.

Permutation Groups
Permutation Groups section of the Mathematics Subject Classification
World of Mathematics: Permutation Group
Alexander Hulpke's transitive groups of small degree
Model theory and permutation groups at the University of East Anglia
Model theory: Fraïssé limits, countably categorical structures, and infinite symmetric groups, a course at UCLA
Permutation, on the use of permutations by composers including Bach and Pärt
Change ringing, a practical application of permutations
Steven H. Cullinane's Diamond Theory page (hidden symmetries of Plato's diamond and generalisations)
Adventure Games, Permutations, and Spreadsheets, by Paul Vodola
Group Theory and Algebra
Algebra at Yahoo Mathematics
Group Theory at the Open Directory
Abstract algebra at MathArchive
Group Theory preprints on Mathematics ArXiv
New York Group Theory Cooperative
Group Action Forum (an international mathematical association and discussion group)
Symmetric presentations
Matroids page
Gordon Royle's Combinatorial Catalogues: lists of various graphs, geometries, designs, groups, etc.

Homepages of books:
Association Schemes: Designed Experiments, Algebra and Combinatorics, by R. A. Bailey
Permutation Groups by Peter J. Cameron
Permutation Groups, by John D. Dixon and Brian Mortimer
Groups and Computation, Volume 1 and Volume 2, edited by Larry Finkelstein and William M. Kantor (DIMACS series)
Topological Methods in Group Theory, by Ross Geoghegan

Electronic journals:
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie (Contributions to Algebra and Geometry)
Geometry and Topology
Electronic Journal of Probability, and Electronic Communications in Probability
The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra
Other electronic journals

Computer packages:
GAP homepage (Groups, Algorithms and Programming)
GRAPE (GAP share package for graphs, geometries, groups) by Leonard Soicher
Fundamental, a program for computing fundamental groups and covers (uses GAP and GRAPE)
Overview of MAGMA (Computational algebra system for algebra, number theory and geometry)
Andries Brouwer's DRG finder (instructions here)
Bill Kocay's Groups and Graphs for Mac or Windows
PERMS 2.1, a Mathematica package for permutation groups by Bernd Fiedler
SYMMETRICA, a program for algebraic combinatorics of the symmetric group, from the University of Bayreuth
John Stembridge's Maple packages: symmetric functions, posets, and Coxeter and Weyl groups (with a tutorial for Coxeter and Weyl)
Schur, a package for Lie groups and symmetric polynomials by Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc.
PermGroup, an on-line permutation group calculator based on GAP4

British Combinatorial Committee Homepage and Bulletin
London Mathematical Society
European Mathematical Society
EIDMA (Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications), Eindhoven University of Technology
DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science), Rutgers University

Other mathematical resources:
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics  
Penn State University's list of Mathematics web sites around the world
Mathematics WWW Virtual Library
Yahoo Mathematics
Open Directory Mathematics
Intute Mathematics Gateway
The Geometry Net
MathSearch (searches mathematics pages)
MathWeb (Web directory from the AMS)
The Mathematical Atlas (a gateway to modern mathematics)
MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Free refereed journals on the Web
Number Theory Web
The Probability Web
Erdös Number Project

Peter J. Cameron
8 June 2005

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