Design Research Group

Design Research Group

It is to be noted that when any part of this paper appears dull there is a design in it.

Sir Richard Steele

Welcome to the Design Research Group, part of the Mathematics Research Centre at Queen Mary, University of London.

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We welcome visiting students but are unable to offer financial support.

Our research

The area of interest of the group includes:

A few recent papers: (names of Queen Mary authors starred)

Members of the group maintain web pages giving information about partial spreads, SOMAs, semi-Latin squares, and permutation groups, in addition to our design resources page. Lecture notes on Projective and Polar Spaces, Classical Groups, and Polynomial aspects of codes, matroids and permutation groups are also available, as well as web pages for books on Association Schemes and Partially Balanced Designs, Combinatorics, and Permutation Groups.

R. A. Bailey is a Past President of the British Region of the International Biometric Society, P. J. Cameron is Chair of the British Combinatorial Committee, and L. H. Soicher is a member of the GAP council.


The members of the Design Research Group include

Current students in the Design Research Group are:

Current postdoctoral researchers are: Current visitors are:

Publications and seminars

Departmental lists of publications: For individuals' publication lists, see their Web pages.

Seminars and study groups:

Other pages

Other relevant pages at Queen Mary: Sources of funding:

Our logo

The logo of the Design Research Group contains elements of the logos of Queen Mary and its Mathematics Research Centre. The underlying structure can be thought of as a Latin square, a transversal design, a partial linear space, or a strongly regular graph, or as the Cayley table of the cyclic group of order 3 in symmetric form.

Peter J. Cameron
27 September 2005

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