PODE 2012


22 and 23 March 2012


School of Medicine, University Paris Diderot

16 rue Henri Huchard, 75018 Paris, France

Room 102, first floor


Organized by France Mentre

UMR738, Inserm and University Paris Diderot




Thursday March 22

13h30 - 14h Welcome with coffee (room 156)

14h - 15h30 Talks (Chair: F. Mentre)

Doug Bates (Univ Winconsin, US)

Experimental design for nonlinear mixed-effects: Are variances the natural scale?

Martin Fink (Novartis, CH)

ODE and DDE in PODE: Deriving and displaying sensitivities

Tobias Mielke (Univ Magdeburg, DE)

Impact of Information Approximations on Designs

15h30 - 16h Tea and Coffee

16h - 17h30 Talks (Chair: S. Duffull)

Sebastian Ueckert (Univ Uppsala, SE)

Handling Quantification Limits in Optimal Design

Marina Prus (Univ Magdeburg, DE)

Optimal Designs for Individual Prediction in Population Based Models

Andy Hooker (Univ Uppsala, SE)

Robust Designs for Random Effects Parameters

19h30 Diner all together


Friday March 23

9h - 10h30 Talks (Chair: M. Fink)

Alexander Donev (Univ Manchester, UK)

Design of preclinical combination studies

Francois Combes (Univ Paris, FR)

Prediction of shrinkage of individual parameters using the Bayesian

information matrix in nonlinear mixed effects models

Steve Duffull (Univ Otago, NZ)

Cost Minimisation of a Clinical Study

10h30 - 11h Coffee

11h - 12h Talks (Chair: A. Hooker)

France Mentre (Univ Paris, FR)

Survey on the current use of optimal design approaches and the needed developments in adaptive optimal design for model based analysis performed in the EFPIA members of the DDMoRe project

Martin Fink (Novartis, CH)

An industry perspective on PODE: Examples of use and limitations

12h - 12h30 Discussion & Organisation of PODE 2013

12h30 Cold lunch