Ginestra Bianconi's Research

I work in statistical mechanics and network theory.
The field has a rich interdisciplinary character since complex networks describe the interactions of a large variety of complex systems, from the Internet to the brain and social networks. Therefore I am very interested in applications of network theory ranging from neuroscience to social networks.

In the last decade we have gained a deep understanding of the topologies of complex networks, with important breakthrough showing that some aspect of these networks are universal: the small-world character and the heterogeneous scale-free distribution, been the most relevant.
In this framework I have worked on complex networks evolution (see the BIANCONI-BARABASI MODEL) and complex networks topologies. In particular I characterized the interplay between large scale structure and local distribution of loops and cliques (see the page on SUBGRAPHS :LOOPS AND CLIQUES in complex networks). I have investigated different CRITICAL CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM PHENOMENA ON NETWORKS, and off-equilibrium CONDENSATION TRANSITIONS. I have also introduced a statistical mechanicstreatment for characterizing complex network ensembles. I have proposed to evaluate their complexity by measuring their ENTROPY. This quantity can be also used for INFERENCE PROBLEMS IN NETWORKS of practical interest for analyzing social and BIOLOGICAL NETWORKS data.

Recently my work focuses on the most recent developments of network theory including MULTILAYER NETWORKS, NETWORK GEOMETRY and TEMPORAL NETWORKS and NETWORK CONTROL.