Ginestra Bianconi's Publications

    Year 2019

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  8. Year 2018

  9. G. Bianconi
    Multilayer networks: Structure and Function
    (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2018)
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    Rare events and discontinuous percolation transitions
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  19. M. Bardoscia, G. Bianconi and G. Ferrara
    Multiplex network analysis of the UK OTC derivatives market
    Bank of England Working Paper 726 (2018).

  20. Year 2017

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    Emergent hyperbolic network geometry
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    Weighted growing simplicial complexes
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    Centrality of nodes and influences of layers in large multiplex networks
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  28. Year 2016

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    Network geometry with flavor:from complexity to quantum geometry
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    The code for the Multiplex PageRank can be found here
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  40. Year 2015

  41. G. Bianconi and C. Rahmede,
    Complex Quantum Network Manifolds in d>2 are Scale-Free
    Scientific Reports 5, 13979 (2015).
    (Covered in the press Science Daily,,La Stampa,MEDIA INAF)
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    Interdisciplinary and physics challenges in network theory
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  54. Year 2014

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  66. Year 2013

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  78. Year 2012

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  89. Year 2011

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  98. Year 2010

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    Year 2009

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  117. Year 2008

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