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Monthly Colloquia

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Date Time Location Speaker Talk title
13 Oct 2003 14:00 Brunel B. Khoruzhenko (QMUL/Brunel) Eigenvalue distribution for large non-Hermitian matrices
8 Dec 2003 14:00 Brunel I. Smolyarenko (Cambridge) Parametric motion of energy levels in chaotic systems
8 Mar 2004 14:00 Brunel D. Dean (Toulouse/Cambridge) The role of interaction matrix in mean field spin glasses
26 May 2004 14:00 Brunel A. Gamburd (Stanford/Cambridge) Random matrices, magic squares and matching polynomials


Date Time Location Speaker Talk title
11 Oct 2002 16:30 QMUL F. Mezzadri(Bristol) Random matrix theory and the zeros of d\zeta(s)/ds
8 Nov 2002 16:30 QMUL N.C. Snaith (Bristol) Integral moments of the Riemann zeta function
13 Dec 2002 16:30 QMUL D. Petz  (Budapest) Perturbation of Wigner matrices and a conjecture
10 Jan. 2003 16:30 QMUL O. Zeitouni (Technion) Spherical integrals, large deviations, and matrix models
14 Feb 2003 16:30 Brunel G.Akemann (Saclay) Recent progress on complex random matrix models
14 Mar 2003 16:30 Brunel N. O'Connell (Warwick) Random matrices and Brownian motion
9 May 2003 16:30 Brunel G. Blower (Lancaster) Young diagrams, random matrices and transportation of measure
13 Jun 2003 15:00 Brunel A. Orlov (Center of Nonlinear Studies, Russian Acad. Sci.) Tau functions and matrix integrals
13 Jun 2003 16:30 Brunel E. Kanzieper (Weizmann Inst.) On exact integrability of replica field theories


Date Time Location Speaker Talk title
19 Oct 2001 16:30 Brunel E. Strahov (Brunel) Unitary random matrices and two-rowed lexicographic arrays
9 Nov 2001 16:30 Brunel M. Sodin (Tel Aviv) Zeroes of Gaussian analytic functions
14 Dec 2001 16:30 Brunel A. Garcia-Garcia (SUNY, Stony Brook) Almost Hermitian matrix model for critical statistics
11 Jan. 2002 16:30 QMUL M. Kus (Warsaw) Random matrix theory and energy level dynamics
8 Feb 2002 16:30 Brunel J. Keating (Bristol) Moments of characteristic polynomials: some recent results and speculations
8 Mar 2002 16:30 QMUL B. Simons (Cambridge) Instantons and localised sub-gap states in disordered superconductors
19 Apr 2002 16:30 Brunel A.R.Its (Hardy Fellow) The Riemann-Hilbert method for random matrices
14 Jun 2002 16:30 QMUL K. Johansson (KTH, Stockholm) From random permutations to random matrices


Date Time Venue Speaker Talk title
25 Oct.2000 16:30 Brunel P. Leboeuf (Paris-Sud) Random matrices, random polynomials and Coulomb systems
29 Nov.2000 16:30 Brunel I. Lerner (Birmingham) Non-perturbative results in random matrix theory within the replica method
13 Dec. 2000 11:00 QMUL Y. Fyodorov (Brunel) Spectra of random contractions and scattering theory for discrete-time systems
31 Jan. 2001 16:30 Brunel T. Guhr (Lund) Random matrix theory -- thermodynamics for spectral fluctuations?
28 Feb.2001 16:30 QMUL L. Pastur (CNRS-CPT, Marseille) Spectral and probabilistic aspects of random matrix theory
28 Mar. 2001 16:30 Brunel A. Mirlin (Karlsruhe) Multifractality in ensembles of random matrices
30 Mar. 2001 16:00 QMUL P. Bleher (Indianapolis and ENS-Paris) Universality and scaling of correlations between zeros on complex manifolds
30 May 2001 16:30 QMUL R. Janik (Krakow) Nonhermitian random matrices
27 June 2001 16:30 QMUL P. Diaconis (Stanford) An introduction to random matrix theory