Sasha Sodin

Office: MB-322, phone: +44 (0)20 7882 5452, e-mail: a dot sodin at qmul dot ac dot uk

Papers on arxiv     some corrections     vulgarisation (from EU Research WR17/P44-45)

Teaching: MTH6141 Random Processes (QMUL 2020)   Introduction to harmonic analysis (LTCC 2020)    The classical moment problem (LTCC 2017)    Past teaching (TAU)

PhD students: Kieran Ryan (2017—2021)     Davide Macera (2019—, joint with Pietro Caputo at Roma Tre)
Prospective PhD students are welcome to contact me.

Post-docs: Olga Izyumtseva (2018—2020); Matthias Täufer (2018—2020); Martin Gebert (2018); Alexander Magazinov (2015–2016)

Probability seminar at QMUL (dormant during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Bristol–Warwick–QMUL informal probability seminar (online via Zoom) ( Bristol and Warwick webpages)
talks in 2020-21

Past events:

Random Schrödinger operators, and related topics, Florence, 17–21/2/2020

Asymptotic Geometric Analysis 2019. Celebrating Vitali Milman's 80th birthday. Tel Aviv and Dead Sea, 29/7 – 2/8/2019  slides

A random event in honour of Ilya Goldsheid's 70th birthday – a conference at QMUL, 18–22/12/2017

Analysis and related topics – a mini workshop at the IMU conference, 28–31/5/2015

Mathematical physics on Fridays – a seminar in mathematical physics, 2014–2016


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