If you would like to do research with me...

...please find here some detailed information:
  1. Criteria from my side
  2. I am happy to work with qualified students on research projects of all levels. Qualified means:
    1. You should have excellent grades in your academic studies.
    2. You should be highly motivated to work on a research topic that
    3. sufficiently overlaps with my own scientific experience. Note: of course, your own ideas are more than welcome - you have to like what you are working on, otherwise there is no point! But I can hardly advise you on research that is disconnected from my own scientific background. And you can learn most from me if benefitting from my previous research experience. In order to get clear about this point, please study the detailed information about my research that is available on my homepage.

  3. Possible research projects
  4. Under this link I propose some Masters Thesis projects (if you want to know what such a thesis is about, please see here). These projects are on a very introductory level and do not require any previous research experience.
    If you are looking for more advanced (Ph.D., postdoctoral) projects, please see here.
    These lists may give you a flavor of what type of research you can do with me.

  5. Funding
  6. Please find information under the following links: This link might also be helpful in providing general information for international staff moving to universities in UK.
  1. What I can offer to prospective research students
    • the experience of having successfully advised two trainees, nine master students (awarding 3 prizes for their theses works) and five postdocs, as well as having guided three students to their Ph.D. degrees (another one almost being finished as well).
    • scientific projects that are at the forefront of research on an internationally competitive level
    • a very personal tutoring
    • a highly stimulating research environment, plus student life in London as a world's metropole
    • last not least, since June 2012 I happen to be the School of Mathematical Science's Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, which means that I am responsible for the School's whole PhD programme
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

ps: Some interesting Careers Advice for promising young scientists you can find here (only in German, sorry).