Peter Cameron's students

Here is a list of people who have completed a D.Phil. or Ph.D. under my supervision.

At Oxford University At Queen Mary, London Honorary students
  • Robert E. Peile (1979)
  • J. M. J. Buczak (1980)
  • Eric S. Lander (1981)
  • Albert L. Wells, Jr. (1982)
  • H. Dugald Macpherson (1983)
  • Sarah E. Rees (1983)
  • David N. Teague (1984)
  • David Lischka (1985)
  • Tim J. Penttila (1985)
  • David A. Cohen (1985)
  • Jacinta Covington (1986)
  • John P. McSorley (1986)
  • Tracey Maund (1987)
  • Mark Whelan (1988)
  • Liam Halpenny (1989)
  • Philip A. Stokes (1990)
  • Thomas Bending (1993)
  • Cleide Martins (1994)
  • Sarah L. Gasquoine (1996)
  • Alexis Andreou (1999)
  • Savas Pipinos (2000)
  • Fuad Shareef (2001)
  • Colva Roney-Dougal (2001)
  • Carrie Rutherford (2001)
  • Michael Giudici (2001)
  • Julian Gilbey (2002)
  • Sam Tarzi (2003)
  • Pablo Spiga (2004)
  • Cheng Yeaw Ku (2005)
  • Robert Bailey (2006)
  • Jason Rudd (2008)
  • Deborah Lockett (2008)
  • Josephine Kusuma (2009)
  • Emil Vaughan (2010)
  • Fatma Al-Kharoosi (2011)
  • Federico Montecalvo (2012)
  • Andrew Drizen (2013)
  • Neil J. Calkin (Waterloo 1988)
  • Francesca Merola (Palermo 1999)
  • Daniele A. Gewurz (Roma 1999)
  • Constantinos Papadopoulos (Queen Mary 1999)
  • Sònia P. Mansilla (UPC Barcelona 2001)
  • Thomas Britz (Aarhus 2002)
  • Evangelos Melas (Queen Mary 2002)
  • Abigail Kirk (Queen Mary 2004)
  • Taoyang Wu (Queen Mary 2009)

Current students: Adam Bohn, Aylin Cakiroglu, Irene Galstian

The Mathematics Genealogy Project website currently lists 69 of my mathematical descendants. Pictures of some of them are available in my picture gallery. (Eric Lander has had more than one student, but it seems that only one is classified as a mathematician!)

My academic father is Peter M. Neumann, (whose picture and list of academic descendants are available). I was awarded the D.Phil. degree by Oxford University in 1971; my thesis was called "Structure of suborbits in some primitive permutation groups". My grandfather is Graham Higman, and my great-grandfather Henry Whitehead. The sequence continues back to O. Veblen, E. H. Moore, H. A. Newton, M. Chasles, S. D. Poisson, and J.-L. Lagrange. The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive describes Lagrange as "largely self-taught", but the Mathematics Genealogy Project, after making the statement

"No dissertation, no advisor, but we show a link to Euler to show a connection in our intellectual heritage"
continues the sequence back through Leonhard Euler, Johann Bernoulli, Jacob Bernoulli, and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, to Erhard Weigel (who has more than 70000 descendants: for the current figure, see here).

Note added 8 June 2010: The MGP has added a lot more entries and links to its database for mediaeval and renaissance mathematicians. Allowing multiple supervisors, I now have many lines of descent, and my ancestry includes such luminaries as Luca Pacioli and Nicolaus Copernicus.

Here is a picture of me with Peter Neumann and many of my students, taken at Ambleside in August 2007.

August 2007

Peter J. Cameron, 5 December 2012