"I count a lot of things that there's no need to count," Cameron said. "Just because that's the way I am. But I count all the things that need to be counted."

Richard Brautigan, The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western, Picador, 1976.

Them as counts counts moren them as dont count

Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, Jonathan Cape, 1980.
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Queen Mary, University of London
School of Mathematical Sciences

I am Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London, having been a Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences from 1987 to 2012.

Currently I am a half-time Professor of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews. You can find my St Andrews page here.

This page will point you to various other pages for which I am responsible, or which you might find interesting.


This page has notes of lecture courses I gave, mostly at QMUL, but my Advanced Combinatorics lectures at St Andrews are also there. You will find notes for Introduction to Algebra, Linear Algebra, Algebraic Structures, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Probability, Cryptography, and Complexity.

There are also graduate notes on Classical Groups, Polynomial Aspects of Codes etc., Enumerative Combinatorics, Primitive Lambda-Roots (with Donald Preece), Projective and Polar Spaces, and Finite Geometry and Coding Theory, as well as LTCC notes on Synchronization and (with R. A. Bailey) on Laplace eigenvalues and optimality. Other historical documents are also kept here.

My St Andrews teaching page is here.


My research is mostly in algebra (groups and semigroups) and various topics in combinatorics.

British Combinatorial Committee

I am currently chair of the British Combinatorial Committee.


Family etc.

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Here are some other pages of interest.

Peter J. Cameron
31 August 2016