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British Combinatorial Committee

British Combinatorial Committee

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Committee business

The British Combinatorial Committee is a body which works for the support of combinatorial and discrete mathematics in the United Kingdom. The Committee is a charity, registered in Scotland, number SC019723. You can read the constitution (approved at the business meeting of BCC2007) here.

The committee's function is to "encourage the study of Combinatorial Mathematics". One of the ways we do this is to provide financial support for conferences in Combinatorics. For convenience of potential applicants, we have produced guidelines for applicants about what we can and can't fund. Applications for funding should be addressed to the Secretary in the first instance.

Annual reports are available from 2006:

The Committee was founded in 1977, with Richard Rado as chair. An article by Norman Biggs describing the prehistory of the Committee can be found here. Subsequently the chair was held by Dominic Welsh and Crispin Nash-Williams.

The present membership of the committee is: Peter Cameron (chair), Peter Rowlinson (secretary), Keith Edwards (treasurer), David Penman (Bulletin editor), Simon Blackburn (BCC24 organiser), Konrad Dabrowski (2012 PCC organiser), Bridget Webb, Sophie Huczynska, James Hirschfeld, and Jan van den Heuvel.


The Committee's main function is to run the biennial British Combinatorial Conference. The next (24th) BCC will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London, on 30 June - 5 July 2013; the local organiser is Simon Blackburn. The web page is here.

Other BCCs

The twenty-third BCC was held at the University of Exeter on 3-8 July 2011; the local organisers were Robin Chapman and Bridget Webb. The Web page is available.

Details of past BCCs are available (thanks to Keith Edwards).

Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference

The 2013 Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London, from 14 to 16 August 2013. The local organiser is Andrew McDowell, and the web page is here.

Other conferences

Some forthcoming conferences sponsored by the BCC:

Further conferences are listed on the Conference web page.

Bulletin and information

The committee publishes the British Combinatorial Bulletin, an annual survey of people, publications, lecture course, news and movements. It also sponsors a research students' conference and various one-day conferences.

The Bulletin is available in a World Wide Web version. Following a decision of the business meeting at BCC18, the Bulletin will only be available in electronic format from 2002; an archive edition is produced once a year. Please contact the editor, David Penman, at the University of Essex, in case of difficulty (email address below).

The Bulletin editor also produces the British Combinatorial Newsletter. All issues are available here.

The Bulletin Editor also runs a mailing list for advertising UK combinatorial meetings, workshops etc., UK combinatorial courses at research student or above level, UK combinatorial jobs and occasional miscellaneous announcements likely to be of interest to the British combinatorial community. Any person who wishes to join the list may email David Penman,, asking to be added to the list. Any person on the list may also withdraw at any time by emailing the Editor.

Combinatorialists may be interested in the following mailing lists (thanks to Konrad Dabrowski for the information):

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