genyoungtabtikz: a LaTeX package for Young diagrams

This is a LaTeX package for drawing Young diagrams and tableaux, inspired by the youngtab package by Volker Börchers and Stefan Gieseke. genyoungtabtikz uses the graphical power of PGF/Tikz, while retaining the economy of syntax which makes youngtab so useful; in fact, much of the syntax is the same as for youngtab, so users familiar with that package should be able to use genyoungtabtikz with no trouble at all. A variety of features are introduced in this package, such as Young tabloids, e-residue diagrams, diagrams with extra-wide or -high boxes, and colour.

The package is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public Licence.

The package genyoungtabtikz.sty

The documentation (PDF, 8 pages)

The original youngtab package can be found at CTAN.

Update 18th July 2022 Version 1.15: added functionality to fill boxed with diagonal dots.

Update 5th October 2016 Version 1.14: some spurious commas removed from the code (thanks to Bruno Le Floch for spotting this).

Update 27th September 2016 Version 1.13 fixes a bug (thanks to Liron for spotting this).

Update 24th August 2015 Version 1.12 fixes some strange behaviour.

Update 20th August 2015 Version 1.11 fixes a bug (thanks to Liron for spotting this).

Update 13th April 2015 Version 1.10 fixes a bug (thanks to Liron for spotting this).

Update 24th January 2015 Version 1.9 fixes some bugs (thanks to Liron Speyer for spotting these).

Update 17th October 2014 Version 1.8.1 fixes a tiny bug (thanks to Liron Speyer for spotting this).

Update 31st July 2014 I've updated to version 1.8, in which it's easier to put multi-character entries in boxes: you can just enclose the characters in <>, rather than defining a separate command.

Update 4th July 2014 I've just updated this to version 1.7, with two changes: the rows of a young tableau or tabloid no longer need to be non-empty, and it's now possible to issue commands (for example, to change colour) mid-argument for \young, \youngtabloid and \gyoung. See the documentation for more details.


Please email me if you find any bugs or unexpected behaviour (or just to tell me how useful you find this package).