Linda Rass



Personal profile

I am senior lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary and Westfield College, which is a School of the University of London. I started out as a statistician/probabilist, but now mainly work in non-linear analysis, working on problems arising in mathematical biology. Some of my work is still probabilistic and I have retained my interest in statistics. I usually attend the Design of Experiments seminars. I also attend individual seminars and series of talks in other seminar groups relevent to my interests.


Research interests

Mathematical modelling in biology; epidemics, genetics, evolutionary games, branching processes; deterministic and stochastic modelling; non-spatial and spatial models. I work with a colleague at QMW, Dr John Radcliffe. A recent major project was a research monograph for the American Mathematical Society on deterministic spatial models of epidemics.


Recent Publications

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Recent conferences

I attend the major mathematical biology conferences. At conferences I have presented talks and been a keynote speaker and session chair. Recent conferences include the triennial International Conference on Mathematical Population Dynamics, the biennial International Conference on Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling of Biointeraction, the World Congress on Branching Processes, the International Colloquium on Differential Equations and the major Amsterdam conference, sponsored by the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, on Theory and Mathematics in Biology and Medicine.