London Algebra Colloquium

City University London   Imperial College London   Queen Mary, University of London

Colloquia at Imperial College London, January–June 2013

It is probably better to go to for this term’s seminars, though I shall try to keep these pages fairly up-to-date.
This term (and next) the London Algebra Colloquium will be held in Imperial College London. The time is Thursdays at 5:00pm (rather than the usual 4:45pm), in lecture room 139. We meet for tea at about 4:15pm in the common room (Huxley 548).

Details of (all) previous colloquia can be found here.
The previous term’s seminars can also be found here.

The programme (so far) for this term (these terms) is as follows:

10th January                        Dr Christopher Bowman (Université Paris Diderot—Paris 7)
The partition algebra and the Kronecker coefficients
17th January Prof. Gareth Jones (Southhampton)
Beauville groups and surfaces
24th January Dr Jack Button (Cambridge)
Tripling of finite sets in infinite non-abelian groups
31st January Dr Charles W. Eaton (Manchester)
Donovan’s conjecture
7th February Dr Amarpreet Rattan (Birkbeck)
New formulae for structure constants in the symmetric group
14th February Prof. Peter J. Cameron (Queen Mary)
Partition-homogeneity and applications
21st February Prof. Christopher W. Parker (Birmingham)
Commuting Graphs in Finite Groups
28th February Prof. Martin Bridson (Oxford)
Fuchsian groups are determined by their finite quotients
7th March Prof. Donna Testerman (EPFL)
Irreducible maximal subgroups of classical algebraic groups
14th March Prof. H. Dugald Macpherson (Leeds) Cancelled / Postponed
Model theory of finite and pseudo-finite groups
21st March Mr Alastair Litterick (Imperial)
Finite Subgroups of Exceptional Algebraic Groups
Easter break

John N. Bray
21st March 2013