SEEMOD Workshop 4
01 March 2017, Queen Mary University of London
Lunch: People's Palace LG01
Talks: Engineering ENG3.24
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SEEMOD is South and East of England Model Theory network, connecting the University of East Anglia, Oxford University, Queen Mary University of London and other London universities.
Sebastian Eterovic (Oxford)
David Evans (IC)
Charlotte Kestner (UCLan)
Jonathan Pila (Oxford)
Michael Wibmer (UPenn)
Registration and Funding
We ask the participants to register by emailing Ivan Tomasic by 22/02, because lunch will be provided.
Some money is available, particularly for PhD students, for travel expenses and to cover additional caring costs (e.g. childcare). Please contact Ivan Tomasic CC Jonathan Kirby in advance if you want to claim expenses.
12:00—13:00 13:00—13:40 13:45—14:35 14:40—15:30 15:30—16:00 16:00—16:50 16:55—17:45
arrival and lunch
tea/coffee break
Social programme
Drinks and dinner following the talks at The Morgan Arms pub from 18:30.
Scientific Committee
Jonathan Kirby (UEA)
Ivan Tomasic (QMUL)
Eterovic. Model Theory of Shimura Varieties
For every connected Shimura variety, we will construct a corresponding two-sorted structure. We are Read on
Evans. Determining finite simple images of finitely presented groups
I will discuss joint work with Martin Bridson and Martin Liebeck which addresses the question: Read on
Kestner. The definable (p,q)-theorem for distal theories.
I will start with an introduction to the definable (p,q)-conjecture for NIP theories. I will then go on to Read on
Pila. Raising to the power i
We consider the multivalued function z^i through the Schanuel-Ax-Zilber lens, Read on
Wibmer. Torsors for difference algebraic groups
We introduce a cohomology set for groups defined by algebraic difference equations and show Read on
The workshop is supported by an LMS Scheme 3 grant and by the School of Mathematical Sciences at QMUL.
Node contacts
Jonathan Kirby (UEA), principal node
Ivan Tomasic (QMUL)
Boris Zilber (Oxford)
Contact the local organiser
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