Invited Speakers
  • Martin Bays
  • Raf Cluckers
  • Jeroen Demeyer
  • Eva Leenknegt
  • Abderezak Ould Houcine
  • Franziska Jahnke
  • Gareth Jones
  • Francoise Point
  • Cedric Riviere
  • Jamshid Derakhshan
  • Pietro Dello Stritto
  • Giuseppina Terzo
Expected Participants

Will Anscombe, Claudia Degroote, Quentin Brouette, Margaret Thomas, Angus Macintyre, Rizos Sklinos, David Bradley Williams, Javier Utreras

Non-UK invited speakers and participants will receive up to 200 GBP toward their travel expenses and are entitled to 3 nights in on-campus accommodation and catering.
UK invited speakers and participants will receive up to 50 GBP for travel and 2 nights in on-campus accommodation and catering.
Scientific Programme

The workshop programme can be found here.

Talks will be in Francis Bancroft Building (no. 13 on the campus map), rooms 3.40 (day one) and 3.26 (day two).

Social Activities

Conference dinner on Monday 13/09 at St John Restaurant (Smithfield) at 7:30pm. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the Britishness of the food.



Accommodation will be in the Student Village on the Mile End Campus. Check in from 2pm at the reception in Sir Christopher France House (no. 38 on the campus map). Breakfast in the Curve (no. 36) 7:30--9am. Checkout by 10am.


Anglo-Belgian Workshop in Model Theory and Applications (2)

This meeting is a follow-up to the highly successful workshop that happened in Mons in December 2009. The scientific interests of young researchers in Belgium and the UK complement each other well to cover a wide spectrum of topics in Model Theory and its applications. The organisers wish to showcase this variety in the programme of the meeting and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the start of new collaborations between the two countries.

Travel Expenses Claims

Funded participants should send their claim forms and original travel tickets by 27/09/10 to:

Ivan Tomasic, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, London E1 4NS, UK.