Itamar Mor


School of Mathematical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Rd
London E1 4NS

i.a.[my surname]

I am a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, supervised jointly by Behrang Noohi and Lennart Meier (who is based in Utrecht). Before that I did my BA and MMath in Cambridge. My research interests are mostly in algebraic topology, especially chromatic homotopy theory and its relations to derived algebraic geometry. Most recently, I have been thinking about Galois descent in \(K(n)\)-local homotopy theory.

I am happy to share my CV and research statement on request.


Picard and Brauer groups of \(K(n)\)-local spectra via profinite Galois descent
(Updated 13 Oct 2023) I use the pro├ętale site to model the Goerss-Hopkins-Miller action on Morava E-theory, and the induced (continuous) action on its Picard spectrum.

The relative Brauer group of \(K(1)\)-local spectra
(Updated 3 Nov 2023) Using profinite Galois descent, I compute the Brauer group of the \(K(1)\)-local category relative to completed K-theory.