Publications and Preprints of Dudley Stark

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    In 1956 M. King Hubbert used curve fitting to predict that the rate of oil production in the U.S.A would peak some time between 1965 and 1970. U.S.A. oil production actually peaked in 1970 and has been declining ever since. This paper analyzes a model of oil depletion with triangular shaped field profiles, giving one of the first theoretical justifications for Hubbert-type curves. Here is a pdf file of the paper. I've written a summary of this paper for The Oil Drum

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    This paper shows that the statistic R/P is useless for assessing oil reserves in some models of oil discovery and production. Here is a pdf file of the paper. I've written a summary of this paper for The Oil Drum

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    The normal curve has been used to fit the rate of both world and U.S.A. oil production. In this paper we give the first theoretical basis for these curve fittings. It is well known that oil field sizes can be modelled by independent samples from a lognormal distribution. We show that when field sizes are lognormally distributed, and the starting time of the production of a field is approximately a linear function of the logarithm of its size, and production of a field occurs within a small enough time interval, then the resulting total rate of production is close to being a normal curve. Here is a pdf file and a summary of the paper.

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Book Reviews

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