ELSA - European Laboratory for Structural Assessment

MRC members Franco Vivaldi and David Arrowsmith are co-supervisors of this postgraduate study project.

Eugenio Gutierrez is a member of the research staff at ELSA and works primarily in the study of structural characteristics of building materials. He is currently studying part-time for a post-graduate degree in the Mathematics Research Centre at Queen Mary and Westfield College. He has access to laboratory analysis of impacting behaviour of full scale (5 storey) building structures and also a analogue bench top simulator. His work is in the theory of impact oscillations. The main avenues of research have been

The mathematical model of the bench apparatus consists of an oscillating end-walled trolley containing a small mass attached to the end-walls of the trolley by springs. The oscillatory and impacting behaviour of the ball is studied. The ball represents a building and the impacting earth tremor is represented by the trolley.