Tropical Mathematics and its Applications

Meeting of the LMS Joint Research Group

The next meeting of the Joint Research Group will be at Queen Mary University of London on the afternoon of Tuesday, 15th September, 2015. Talks will be held in room 103 of the Maths building.


Time Speaker Title
13:30 Omid Amini (École Normale Supérieure) Combinatorial Chow ring of products of graphs
14:45 Peter Butkovic (Birmingham) Tropical supereigenvectors
15:45 Tea, in the Maths Foyer
16:25 Madhusudan Manjunath (Berkeley → Queen Mary) Tropical graph curves
17:40 Gather in the Maths Foyer, to walk to
the Morgan Arms for drinks and/or dinner

If you are interested in attending the dinner, please email Alex to this effect by 13th September so that adequate space can be reserved.


Some support for graduate students' travel expenses will be provided to those who applied. The deadline to apply has now passed.

How to get here

The nearest tube stations to Queen Mary are Stepney Green and Mile End. Both stations and the Maths building lie on Mile End Road. Exiting Stepney Green, turn left and walk four minutes; exiting Mile End, turn left and walk nine minutes.

The Maths building is number 4 on this campus map. It's easy to recognise by its large white, yellow and gray Penrose tiling façade. Note that the building will be under construction in September (though room 103 will be unaffected).

The entrance to the building is up a short flight of stairs on the back-right side of the building, looking on from the street. The foyer is directly ahead. Room 103 is up three further landings of stairs from the entrance (one or one and a half floors, depending on how you count). You should be able to follow signs to the main office, room 101, most of the way.


Omid Amini, Combinatorial Chow ring of products of graphs

I will describe the interesting combinatorics of a Chow ring associated to the products of graphs, which governs the behavior of the local intersection products in the non-Archimedean geometry of products of curves over non-Archimedean fields by the works of Shou-Wu Zhang and Johannes Kolb.

Peter Butkovic, Tropical supereigenvectors

The theory of eigenvectors and subeigenvectors has been well developed over the last 50 years. In contrast, until recently, no attention has been paid to supereigenvectors. We will discuss basic properties, such as existence of general and finite max-plus supereigenvectors. We will also describe a nontrivial subspace of supereigenspace that can easily be generated.

Madhusudan Manjunath, Tropical graph curves

We start with a brief introduction to tropicalization of curves over a non-archimedean field. We will briefly mention the relation between the tropicalization and the Berkovich analytification due to Baker, Payne and Rabinoff. Tropicalizations that capture certain “essential” information of the Berkovich analytification are called faithful. The computational question of constructing faithful tropicalization given defining equations for the curve is still largely open. Motivated by this, we consider a weakening of the notion of faithful tropicalizations and for Mumford curves with a three-connected planar skeleton, we construct such weakly faithful tropicalizations of their canonical embeddings.