Algebraic geometry for matroids

a minicourse

Place: room MA 212, TU Berlin Mathematikgebäude
Date and time: 10:00—12:00 on Monday 22 October, Wednesday 24 October, Monday 12 November, and Wednesday 14 November
Lecturer: Dr Alex Fink


I anticipate discussing topics such as my work with Speyer on constructing the Tutte polynomial from torus orbits on a Grassmannian, the "Hodge package" techniques used by Adiprasito, Huh and Katz to prove their log-concavity result, and hyperfields and their Grassmannians.

Date Title
Mo 22.10 Matroids and flag varieties
Mi 24.10 Matroid invariants; the matroid toric variety
Mo 12.11 Classes of orbit closures
Mi 14.11 Compactifications of arrangement complements and the matroid Chow ring